Exterior Siding

Name: Stone Siding (Tan)

Type: Siding

Brand: Canyon Stone Canada

QTY: 4 Pallets (24 boxes Per Pallet)

Size: Approx 168 sqft per pallet (7sqft per box) 

Price: $700 per pallet

Name: Unboxed Stone

Type Siding

QTY: 4

Size: Approx 230 sqft

Price: $700 per pallet

#3.303: Mustard Vinyl Siding
Type: Siding
Description: Mustard Vinyl Siding
QTY: 5 Boxes 2 Square per box
Color: Mustard
Price: $400.00 (5 boxes)
Location: Moosic, PA
22019.159 61" x 12'
Item #: 22019.159
Type: Soffit
Description: Titan Prime Soffit Mobile Home Skirts
Dimensions: 61" x 12'
Color: White
Qty: 28 Boxes/6 Per Box
Price: $150
Location: Moosic, Pa
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Item #: 3.371

Name: Western Red Cedar Siding Shingle Bundles. 

Size: 24" x 4 / 2"

Coverage Per Bundle: 18.3sqft

Bundle QTY: 29 Bundles

Total sqft: 530.7 sqft.
Price: $75 Per Bundle.

Retail: $105 (Lowe's $35 for 6.1sqft)


Carved Bulgarian Stone Siding. 

By the pallet Imported from Bulgaria. Interior/Exterior Solid Stone Siding. Made to last through the elements. 

We are offering this stone by the pallet 270 sqft. $5.00 per sqft 

Offered in 3 color patterns:

Coal (not real coal)

Dark Mosaic

Bright Mosaic

Price: $1350.00 Per Pallet (270 sqft)


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