GSI Lumonics LightWriter 2000

*Laser Information:
    Model: Diamond K-150 Perf Head
    Serial #: H40972 Rev. D
    Part #: 074-593-00
    Date of Manufacturing: 06/2000
    Brand: Coherent

Price: Laser + Battery $1,000.00

K Series 208V Power Station

Power Station

    Model: K-Series P.Mod

    Serial: P30635 Rev.C

    Part: 0174-569-00

    Manufactured: June 2000

VDI of computer OS available for serious buyers only.

Industrial Computer:
    Brand: Advantech
    Chassis: IPC-610BP
    Backplane: PCA-6114P4 (PICMG10)
    SBC: PCA-6168
    SN: EP08128345 (PCA-6154)


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3 phase lasser power supply