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Cellophane Mylar Foilboard

Well we just acquired a new client. We are now liquidating Cellophane Rolls and Sheets as well as Mylar and Foil Board. Complete inventory is listed on the website. Just click and download the XLS spreadsheet.

We are stocked and researched this material extensively to bring you the lowest price any where. Off the boat is as cheep as it gets so we made it cheaper.

Cellophane is about $3000-$5000 per ton so we are $1000-$3000. Foil board is extremely expensive. On the cheap you are looking at 1.5¢ per square inch. So we priced it at 0.62¢ per square inch. That is almost a 3:1 offer.

We are a liquidator. Bulk ordering is necessary so we can maintain these low prices. Check out the link below for more information.

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