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New Construction Materials

Got some new construction materials for you. First up.

I got a great door here. It does have a small nickel size hole on the exterior side. The size is 68.5 x 89.75 With the transom. If you were to remove the transom window it is 68.5" x 82.4".

It does have predrilled holes for the knob and deadbolt. It also has dual 3 light sidelights.

Great 1 piece show at a great price. Size 34" x 63" x 77.5" for the low price of $400.00. Not much to say. Great shape ready to install.

Anderson A series Transom windows. 4.5" x 59.5" x 12". $200 each. A crafty person will use these as sidelights and take the pair for $300.00

Last one. Fiberglass Clad Wood door. Has privacy rain glass. Great door by thermatru. 6.5" x 37.75" x 82". You wont get a better deal for $400 any where else.