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NEW ITEMS 05/04/2021

We got some new stuff in. First up is some High Grade commercial racking. Coming complete with all inserts. Each rack is 192" Long and the Depth is 72" Way better then your typical pallet racking. Click here for more details

Next up we have a new Luxury line of glue down flooring. Thick tread wear section provides a lifetime warranty from the company. This is rated at 10 years for commercial and life for residential. Which tells you this is quality. It looks like a very dark wood color. This will add amazing contrast to any room. Click here for the listing

Last up I have aluminum drip edge got your home. The same drip edge they have at Home Depot and Lowes except mine is cheaper. We have 15 boxes of 50 piece sets. @ $250 a box that puts us way under the blue and orange guys. That's right the big guys with every day low prices charge you $100 more. So call us today and don't be fooled by their big stores and un-knowledgeable employees. Small businesses really do have better deals.

Click here for more details