Tidel Sentinel BCND Safe


• Tidel Sentinel BCND Safe
• Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser
• UB01719
• 6 Coin Cups
• 1x Pennys
• 1x Nickles
• 1x Dimes
• 3x Quarters
• 19" x 35.5" x 31"


Tidel’s revolutionary Sentinel™ Cash Management System has set the standard for cash control while interfacing with POS devices and other peripherals such as note validators. The Sentinel BCND (Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser) builds on this by offering bulk coin and note dispensing in any quantity. Coins are dispensed into individual cups and the note dispenser is capable of managing up to 4 cassettes of notes.

The convenient note dispenser allows secure and accountable dispensing of larger volumes of notes for cash back on debit cards, check cashing, lottery payout and quick replenishment of till funds. Time spent managing coin in-store is dramatically reduced through a convenient system that accepts loose coins. The coin dispensing system can then dispense variable amounts of presorted coins at the touch of a button. Each coin and note dispensed is counted and accounted for by individual cashiers using the PIN based touchscreen and/or smart key system.