• 1/4 inch powder coated steel plate body and door
• Medeco key locks (No Keys)
• Dual anti-fish Drop Chutes to the Storage Vault
• Electronic time-delayed change fund vending
• Stores up to 88 tubes
• Alternate vending time delay
• External tube locking bar
• RoHS compliant
• 19" x 21" x 31"


The TACC IIa provides a secure and cost effective way to manage a retail organization’s in-store change fund. Leveraging a built in electronic time delay, the TACC IIa enables the dispensing of tubes of notes or coin to enable the making of change right at the register. Multiple time delays can be programmed based on store policies. As one of Tidel’s Timed Access Cash Controller products, TACC IIa also offers two manual drop chutes, to facilitate the deposits of envelopes, checks, and receipts.