Storage Trailers

Name: Construction Trailer
Size: 55' x 12'
Yes Some Weak Spots on the flood near the walls
Roof: Metal
Air Shocks: No
Locks: Yes
Door: 2 Doors Secure
Title: No

Secured 4 Room Portable Construuction Trailer

55' x 12' Construction Trailer on Wheels
2 side doors 1 back door
Security brackets for all doors (Brackets Plate need to be attached for front door)
6 Windows on back side of trailer one Window on the front (Small end) All windows are grated
3 AC Vents
Some floor and wall damage in back rooms from water. Please see pictures

Room Sizes From Front to Back (Left to right from side picture)
Main Office 21'10" x 11'1"
2nd Room 14' x 11'1"
3rd Room 10'1" x 11'1"
Back Room 8'8" x 11'1"

Outside issues:
Securty Plate needs to be attached to wall

Inside Issues:
2nd Room has some weak floors near the walls from water
3rd Room Has a weak part of the wall from water


NEPA Liquidation is Providing these trailers as is. We describe any issues the best we can. All STORAGE Trailers are Non Title. A bill of sale will be provided if you want to register for commercial use. We provide no delivery service. These are storage trailers. 

Title Trailers are Described As is. Notary is Holding Titles. Transfer will be done at notary. Hours are 11am-4pm no exceptions for title transfer.