Storage Trailers

Name: Construction Trailer
Size: 55' x 12'
Yes Some Weak Spots on the flood near the walls
Roof: Metal
Air Shocks: No
Locks: Yes
Door: 2 Doors Secure
Title: No

Secured 4 Room Portable Construuction Trailer

55' x 12' Construction Trailer on Wheels
2 side doors 1 back door
Security brackets for all doors (Brackets Plate need to be attached for front door)
6 Windows on back side of trailer one Window on the front (Small end) All windows are grated
3 AC Vents
Some floor and wall damage in back rooms from water. Please see pictures

Room Sizes From Front to Back (Left to right from side picture)
Main Office 21'10" x 11'1"
2nd Room 14' x 11'1"
3rd Room 10'1" x 11'1"
Back Room 8'8" x 11'1"

Outside issues:
Securty Plate needs to be attached to wall

Inside Issues:
2nd Room has some weak floors near the walls from water
3rd Room Has a weak part of the wall from water


NEPA Liquidation is Providing these trailers as is. We describe any issues the best we can. All STORAGE Trailers are Non Title. A bill of sale will be provided if you want to register for commercial use. We provide no delivery service. These are storage trailers.