Description: Two lights each Pole. The lights assembled is in the shape of a T.
Receptacles on base of poles
Dimensions: Pole 25' ft ,base 10" x 10"
Each Light Lize 18" x 29"
Voltage: Multi Tap Ballast., 250 Watt Metal Halide, 208 set up.
QTY: 2 Pole lights

Price: $250.00

Location: Moosic, PA

Name: Copper Steamer
Type: Commercial
Description: Solid Copper Steamer. Has Oven style element coils for steaming. graded internal protects product. Has many uses. Was used for steaming coats. 
Material: Copper
Size: 47" x 35" x 83"
QTY: 1
Price: $1800

Name: Blue Pallet Racking
Type: Industrial
Description: Pallet Racking in 2 different sizes
Blue Racks: 3" x 5' x 8'
Small Locking Rails: 4' (40" Wide Pallets)
Large Bolt on Rails: 8' (2x 40" Wide Pallets)
Units Available: 6 complete racks (you choose sizes)
Single Rack: 5' x 4' x 8' Rack
Price: $250 Complete
Double Rack: 5' x 8' x 8' Rack
Price: $330 Complete
Notes: 4 foot rails have clips, 8' rails need bolts (not provided)
Half of the blue racks have dented bottoms. the unit stays flat on the ground. 
when we constructed it we built it with the dented ones purposely to show they are flat. 

*Control Cabinet

NEMA 12 Enclosure


Allen-Bradley 140-MN-0630 (x4)

Allen-Bradley 140-MN-0400 (x16)

Allen-Bradley 140-MN-0250 (x13)

Allen-Bradley 140-MN-1000 (x1)

Allen-Bradley CO 9 10 (x37)

Buss JTH60030 0-30A 600VAC (x36)

L x W x H: 72" x 15" x 83"

QTY: 1

Price: $1,700

Note: We have 3 more available but we were not able to view the internal components at this time. 

Location: Moosic, PA

Name: Racking Rails
Type: Commercial
Description: Rails for Commercial racking. This is bolt on racking not slip on.
Color: Standard Orange
QTY: 1 pallet (66 Rails) 
Price: $1220 (Pallet)
QTY: 40 Individual
Price: $25 Each

Location: Moosic, PA

Name: Yellow Caution Bollards
Type: Commercial
Description: Protect areas or items with steel bollards. Used to restrict entrance or prevent damage to buildings, corners, gas pumps, etc.
Material: Steel
Size: Variety of sizes 
QTY: 6 Square, 1 Round
Price: $50 Each 


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