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How To Make Money With NEPA Liquidation

How we Operate. Just like the junk collectors that CHARGE YOU to take your junk or the local EBAY companies. We do the same but we don't charge. 


So what we do is we come and evaluate your situation and go from there. If we decide to take you on as a client we work out a deal. We handle all advertising, the customers and everything. after the sale we square up. 


This offers our clients piece of mind. We handle all transactions, customer questions and inquiries.   We have mobile credit card processing and we are bonded and insured.


You do have a part in this. Point to what you want to sell and give us a tour. Places of interest include;

  • Junk Yards

  • Scrap Yards

  • Recycling

  • Closed businesses

  • People that just like to buy

  • People that buy and flip. (we have some customers like this. we assist with purchasing advice and handle the sales)

  • Farms

  • Old Warehouses 


Look at our site check out everything. We sell construction materials, machinery, 3-phase equipment, vehicles, telecom equipment, trailers, you name it we sell it. 


Best thing is you just sit back and get paid.

So call us today and lets turn your junk into Ca$h.


Frank Syno


    Jabez's Liquidation, LLC

    NEPA Liquidation

Mobile: (570) 299-9754


The secret is doing what no one else will do

Seriously we live for this
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