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About NEPA Liquidation and our Low Pricing

Quality Products & Services

Hi I'm Frank Syno. Owner of NEPA Liquidation. I want to take the time to tell you how we operate and can offer the low pricing that we have. First off we have this website. Think of it as Amazon with on site pickup. The way we achieve our low pricing is by being an APPOINTMENT ONLY company. No this isn't cause of COVID we have always operated like this. By being appointment only it cuts down on cost. Big stores need to pay for electricity, all those employees, healthcare, and every thing in between.

We show and host our most up to date Inventory on our website. When you see something you are interested in Give me a call with a brief description and and item number. We will set an appointment 7 days a week for a time that will work for you.  We do not set appointments to show our products. If we are setting an appointment for pickup its is because you want the item in question. We will not force you to take it if for some reason after you see if you do not want it. But we do expect you come with the payment and a vehicle that can haul your item. With that said a VW Bug is not going to hold a door or a tub. Just saying. I do my best to fully describe every item I host online. If there is a scratch it is noted. If there is no issues stated then this is a perfect item. 

FAQ: (Updated)

Do you ship? No, We will work with a shipping company of your choosing for certain products. On Special occasion we can arrange shipping with a freight company and you will have to call and pay. 

Do you deliver? No anything can happen during transportation or you may say no if it was delivered. 

Can I put a deposit? No Deposits. Deposits hold items for ransom. First come first served. We now accept payment in full and will hold an item for 1 month if no prior arrangement is made. Refunds will not be given for items abandoned.

How do I make an appointment: My number is at the bottom of every page. Give me a call. (570) 299-9754

What days are you open?: 6 Days a week from 11am to 7:30pm (Sunday by special Request)

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