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Lift Tech Door Opener

Lift Tech LT155 Door Opener Complete Setup

Includes Mount, Control Panel, Motors, Rail

External keypad, and wireless remotes included.

Easy install. Prevent theft during deliveries



    • 12 VDC motor, operating potential 55 amps
  • High-efficiency synthetic oil, sealed gear box
  • Optimized design for quiet operation
  • Opens rolling doors in most applications under 10 seconds

Control Panel.png

Control Panel

    • Adjustable amperage control up to 55 amps
   • Auto Close feature: A timed duration to close door settable within 1-20 minutes or off
   • Setup button automatically programs the distance of travel of door
   • Safety software built into control panel to retract the door if it closes on any obstruction
   • Learn function can program up to eight remotes


Rail Assembly

    • 1″ x 3″ x 9’2″, Aluminum rail
   • Chain driven, with sealed roller bearings on each end
   • Engraved center line on reinforced aluminum rail for easy drilling during installation
   • The rail has a mounted sensor to know where the door is positioned at all times
   • The rail has a self-lubricating plastic slider

Control Unitjpg.jpg


    • Two key fobs and one wall mounted remote provided with each kit
   • Remotes provide an up, down, stop, and lock button
   • Each remote is powered by a coin cell battery
   • Battery operated keypad, for security code entry, weather resistant, and illuminated


Expanded Installation

Easy Installation

Complete Unit

Only $1,400.00

Door opener Image.gif

Complete Unit
Price: $1,400.00


No Mounting Hardware included
Remote, Door Opener, and Keypad may look different then pictured
Video installation can be found on manufactures website. An account will need to be created to view videos.Visit for installation video.
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