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NEPA Liquidation has just acquired Tons of uncut Cellophane Rolls. We also have Mylar Rolls and cellophane sheets. 

Cellophane XSC is suitable for applications involving direct food

We bring you uncut rolls of Cellophane. Roll Size is 21" weighing between 117 and 140 pounds

Mylar Rolls. High quality mylar. Shiny metallic colored mylar. 

Mylar rolls on average are 21" and weighing over 100lbs. 

Mylar is sold by the ton not by the foot. 

Here is a very expensive product for a not so expensive price. Selling at the low price around 1.5¢ per square inch. But we are NEPA liquidation and we cut that to 0.62¢ per square inch. 

We have 3 colors available. Everything is in the inventory list. Foil board is like thick paper with metallic coating. Sold by the sheet. Sorry no individual orders Bulk Only. 

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